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Ask Curbed: The Y's Dumping Ground Stinks

In truth, this dilemma could probably be solved by an angry call to 311, or an angry call to the Y, or an angry call to someone. But we love the idea of an institution as innocuous as the 92nd Street Y terrorizing the lives of neighbors with stinky garbage. Oh, and it's Friday:

There's a dumpster on my block owned by the 92nd st Y. Neighbors tell me that it's been there for several years without a permit. I just found out that the Y is carting stuff from other Y's in the city to dump there. When did my block become a transfer station. It's an eyesore and the area around it is always filthy. The Y acknowledges this as everytime there is a special event held there, they cart it away. A day later, it's back! How do I get rid of it? Help!A glance at the events schedule shows that Mikhail Baryshnikov and Yoko Ono will be at the Y this month, so maybe you could ask them?
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