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Rumblings & Bumblings: Another EVill Dorm for NYU, Condo Tower for LIC?

How about a couple R&B quickies to break the heat? You know the drill: we pose reader questions about goings-on about town and you supply the answers. Your best intel in the comments, please. Or, if you've got another question or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, drop a line to Answers in this space Thursday.

1) Alphabet City: Is it possible that the summer of '07 will bring us another NYU-East Village DormiStory. One can only dream. A reader writes, "Do you know anything about Sams Auto Club on 10th street (between Aves. C & D -ed.)? I was told that nyu bought the building and is turning into a dorm. Any info would be cool. I live over there." Bonus intel: A Curbed correspondent whose car is parked in said Club reports that the lot remained open for business as of late June.
2) Long Island City: "Anybody know what's happening with the old Venus factory building across the street from View59/Scandals in LIC?" asks another reader. "Scaffolding went up last week and it looks like they're demolishing it." We'll get you started here. Per Wired NY, "Developer Moshe Feller is reportedly working on a condo building that will house 320 units." Somebody's got buy all those lap dances.
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[Pictured right, NYU's current dorm megaproject on E. 12th, as of May '07]