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Curbed RentSpotter Big Reveal: WVill RiverSpotter

Yesterday, we presented everything but the listing for this 11th St. 1-bedroom. Today, we give up the goods. Thanks for playing.

Listing: 366 West 11th Street [Debra Kameros]
Monthly Rent: $4,000
The peanut gallery was all over this one, with commenter nb nailing it early in the action. At $4k, this place is renting at an annual ppsf of $74. Is it worth it? StreetEasy puts the nabe median at $61, but the river views probably add at least a few bucks here, no?

Still, commenter Dana offers this cautionary, albeit dated, tale: "my 1999 DODGE NEON with dented bumper and cassette player got broken into on that block, IN DAYLIGHT. He didn't even take my white girl CDs, he only wanted a couple of pairs of heels in the backseat and the change in the cupholder. Then some dog had the nerve to pee on the broken window glass." But she'd still pay $3975. Times have changed.
· Curbed RentSpotter: WVill RiverSpotter [Curbed]