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Williamsburg's Southside to Get Zazza'd and Maybe W'd

What's going on at the corner of Broadway and Kent Avenue just south of the Williamsburg Bridge isn't entirely clear, but we can tell you this much: the developer working to build something there is Michael Zazza and the persistent rumor is that a 28 story condo and a W Hotel will be part of the deal. Mr. Zazza bought about 2/3 of the block late last year for $28.5 million. No buildings plans have been filed, just some demolition permits. For those of you that cross the Williamsburg Bridge, you might know the block as the one where "SCREW RENT" has been painted on one of the buildings for a long time. The Screw Rent Building is not part of the deal, so maybe the neighborhood landmark will survive the transition. Or not. Mr. Zazza has some history in the neighborhood, being the developer of a 20-story building on S. 7th and S. 8th Street that has stirred up some opposition. Maybe somebody can do up a "Screw W" or a "screW" or something if the hotel thing turns out to be true?
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