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Ask Curbed: Is the Coop Roof Repair a Scam?

We go to the Ask Curbed Inbox for a question about fixing the coop roof and whether it's, well, you'll see:

I am a owner in a coop building. The managing company has been managing the building before the co op conversion. The conversion was about 25 years ago. The building manager we have now was appointed to the building about 3 years ago, his predecessor was around for 3 or 4 years too. We are being hit with a big assessment since the masonry and stone work is beyond repairing. It has to be encapsulated. I forgot the figure 200,000 or 500,000. The roof is a typical flat apartment building roof with a stairway and door from the main staircase.. My question is, should the managing agent who we are paying tons of money to have made sure the roof is properly maintained? The top floor apartment dweller has been complaining of leaks for years. The water is not from the roof but the missing grout and the area around the elevator machine room is much deteriorated. The roof itself is fine the stone work is falling apart, this didn’t happen in the last year, it has been neglected for many years.

I come from a construction maintenance field and this looks like preplanned failure to get the 500,000 job for the waterproofing buddies and kickbacks. Inspections and maintenance would have prevented all this. Can anything be done about this legally?

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