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Second Avenue Subway Scene: Inside the DMZ

[The scene yesterday on Second Avenue in the low 90's. Mind the Jersey barriers, svp.]

After Absolut's vision of the Second Avenue Subway refocused our interest in what's sure to be a public works project our grandchildren will savor, two reports from the scene of what's been happening since ground broke back in April...

1) From Curbed commenter South Ferry Shuttle: "Walking by the construction site on Second Avenue between 91st and 96th Streets on Saturday, it looks like they've done maybe a day and a half's work since the "start" of construction on April 23 (a few weeks after the ceremonial groundbreaking). Some trees have been cut down and some asphalt has been removed from the street, but there hasn't been any excavation yet. What's taking so long? FWIW, some guys in Skanska uniforms were milling around the site on Saturday afternoon."

2) From our special Second Ave. Subway phototipser: "They have 1 lane of traffic and 1/2 of the sidewalk behind a fence, and they block another lane with cones during the day. Traffic cops on every corner all day."

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