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Southside Burg Hotel Update: It's an Aloft...Probably

[Rendering courtesy of GreenbergFarrow]

Yesterday we noted the activity at Broadway and Kent Avenue in Williamsburg and the rumor about a W Hotel sprouting there. A reader directed us to the GreenbergFarrow website where we found the rendering above, complete with a Times Square-ish looking aloft. (Same Starwood corporate family tree.) The site lists a project of 240,000 square feet (25,000 square feet of retail, 98 residential units, 200-room hotel). What we still want to know, though, is does SCREW RENT survive all this?
· Williamsburg's Southside to Get Zazza'd and Maybe W'd [Curbed]

[Rendering courtesy of Karl Fischer Architect]

This is what we assume (given the 2006 completion date listed) to be an earlier rendering of the Broadway and Kent Avenue development. This one was listed as including an 18-story building with 250,000 square feet and a 50-room hotel and 100 residential units.