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Battery Maritime Building: Gourmet Marketplace Confirmed!

At last, plans for the rejuvenation of the long-crumbling-but-still- totally-gorgeous Battery Maritime Building have become clear. More than a year after requests for development proposals went out—and while restoration of the facade has finished—comes the news that the Dermot Company and the Poulakakos Family will develop the project. What's on tap? A $110 million makeover that'll bring a gourmet food market to the building's waiting room, in the spirit of San Francisco's genius Ferry Building makeover. Terminal offices, meantime, will be converted to a 135-room boutique hotel, and there's going to be a rooftop restaurant, too. Let's file all of this under Extremely Welcome News, even as we await more specifics about the makeover. Next up: build Santiago's Gondolas, already!
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Battery Maritime Building

11 South Street, New York, NY