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Broker BlogWrap: Mapping Harlem's Development Renaissance

Broker Blogwrap is Curbed's irregular roundup of the best of the real estate broker blogs. Got a blog we should be reading? Drop a line to

1) To your right, a map charting new development in Harlem. Holy. Crap. And the color commentary: "The point is the Harlem Renaissance is for real, it's here to stay and things will only get better from here. While in a downturn Harlem like other 'growth' areas could get hit hard. But you can bet I'm one investor who will be a buyer on any dip. Go check it out for yourself, but wait for the heat wave to end." [Urban Digs]

2) Tired: Complaining about square footage lies in listings. Wired: Complaining about room count lies in listings. [True Gotham, Urban Digs]

3) "I've been tracking 85 Condo Loft buldings downtown by zip code and what shows thru is that 10013 is the king of condo loft activity." Click through for glorious data. [UpperCrustNYC]