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Curbed Project Helper: Pix, Flips, and Tips

From time to time, we get requests to help with various and sundry projects. Most of these requests are silly, and we delete the emails. But today, we've got a three-pack of projects ranging from the intriguing, to the profitable, to the self-serving that might pique your interest. Interested in helping out a documentarian, appearing on Flip Your House, or shilling for Curbed in a national magazine?

1) "Hello. I am a photography fellow working on a project for the Design Trust for Public Space with the ultimate goal of creating a still photographic documentary of views in New York to be shown at the Museum of the City of New York. I am looking for interesting people who have interesting apartments with New York views. The goal is to create a body of work that represents the texture of New York through portraits and through a sense of space. Do you know anyone who has an interesting view? Each participant will receive a portrait in exchange and knowledge that they are supporting art and making a piece of New York history. Please help me meet appropriate people! I am insured. Please do not hesitate to contact me with anything that may be appropriate."

2) "813 Casting and Departure Films are conducting a nationwide search for the new cast of characters who will be featured on the upcoming season of Flip This House! Will it be your team? We're looking for confident, charismatic, motivated and opinionated people who 'flip' residential properties for a living. We want real-estate adrenaline junkies who love the high risk, high reward nature of their jobs and who are devoted to doing a great job! If you would like your team to be featured on the upcoming season of Flip This House, send an email to Include your contact info, bios on you and your team, and some reasons why your team should be the next to be featured on Flip This House! Teams should consist of four or more people." And do mention you saw this on Curbed—they're offering a $500 bounty if we help them find someone, money that we'll spend on alcohol for Curbed readers, should someone come through.

3) A reporter with a national business magazine is interested in interviewing Curbed readers who've been influenced in real estate decisions by something they read or learned on Curbed. If you're interested in potentially talking, drop a quick note to We'll pass the emails along to the reporter, who will take things from there. Thanks.