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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: No NYU Dorm for Upper Alphabet City; Can We Get Another BLUE Instead?

Answers to Tuesday's questions below. If you've got another question, a better question, or a sweet digital photograph, drop a line to Many thanks.

1) Alphabet City: Looks like we're going to have only one burgeoning NYU-East Village dorm to kick around this summer. The rumor that NYU is planning new housing in the Sam's Auto Club space on 10th street between Aves. C & D is false, says John Beckman, the university's vice president for public affairs. "NYU has nothing to do with this property." Meanwhile, in other wild rumor news, a commenter thinks maybe, possibly the guys from BLUE (right) own this space.
2) Long Island City: No new intel on the planned condos at the old Venus factory building in LIC. Never mind, says Curbed commenter csk. "Any new development in LIC is good. The only mistake was Arris (over-priced), but all the newer projects look great." Bold.
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