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Thursday FSBO #2: That's Rather Grecian

Earlier, we promised the Manhattan Loft Guy that we'd turn up another for-sale-by-owner loft listing. To be honest, we cheated a little. We knew we were going to talk about this fizzbow at 352 West 56th Street listed for $675,000, and we knew that the 600sf one-bedroom co-op merely included "loft space." But we simply had to get this out there, and can you blame us? Holy shit, look at that thing! Oh, here's a backgrounder from a special Curbed tipster:

Not only does this FSBO utilize area information that includes much better buildings and isn't applicable to her building - she is also asking 1125 per square foot for the UGLIEST apartment ever. Never mind the fact a higher floor apartment sold 1 year ago - fully renovated for under 1000 per square foot.

Maybe the extra money is for the kick ass paint job.We're kind of into the murals, actually. Murals? Oh yes. We don't want to spoil the rest of the pictures for you, but the urge is really really hard to resist.

· Listing: 352 west 56th street, #1C []
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