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Eater Tastings: The Bowery, Now and Forever; Magnolia Gets a New Sink, and Chickpea Trims the Fat

We went undercover inside Gemma, still kickin' it in preview mode (no cameras, please) in the Bowery Hotel.

More of this week's dish from Eater...

1) Daniel Boulud's audacious plans for DBGB on the Bowery are revealed. Further reading here, here, and here.
2) Sam Talbot of Top Chef fame was denying rumors early last week that he, too, had designs on the Bowery. In any case, someone named "Sam Talbot" is applying for a liquor license in the nabe.
3) Shuttered on Wednesday, Magnolia Bakery was back in business on Thursday (a shockingly fast turn), with a brand new sink.
4) East Village felafel joint Chickpea ditched its fryer and installed a conveyor belt in what has the makings of a play for the big time.
5) Chin Chin cracks the Eater 38.

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