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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) 808 Columbus Now in the Village (above, 102 comments)
"I would like to take a HUGE CRAP on this development and anyone who wants this sort of thing in nyc."
2) Williamsburg Bike Racks Officially Take Space from Cars (77 comments)
"I'm as green as they come, but I think most of the bicyclists in this city are far more dangerous than drivers. They ride on the sidewalks, they go the wrong way down streets, and they CERTAINLY don't observe traffic signals."
3) On the Racked: Live at Trader Joe's Brooklyn Parade! (64 comments)
"I know change is inevitable, especially in NYC in this day and age, but I used to love Ludlow Street when it was just Max Fish, Ludlow Street Cafe and prowling Rivington looking for the illegal roving hip hop party."
4) Little Britain, You Do Not Rule (40 comments)
"The mistake was the name. If they would have tried to name it "Wee Britain", it would have passed with flying colors."