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3 West 13's Disappearing Act

The 3 West 13 Lofts?a 7-unit Sotheby's-marketed development at, um, 3 West 13th Street?has been flying under the Curbed radar. In fact, it's been so under the Curbed radar that the archives turn up nary a mention of it. So, if there's one way to get us to notice your neglected luxury floor-through loft development, it's to suddenly pull all the listings off of StreetEasy, which is precisely what happened. And it's not like the building wasn't selling. Here's a $2.5 million two-bedroom unit that's in contract. So what gives? Maybe it's just sold out, or maybe this dirt-dishing anonymous StreetEasy commenter knows what's up! Take it away, totally unconfirmed rambler:

Important to know that the Sponsor for this building has withdrawn all contracts! I.e. offers were accepted and contracts sent out. While in the lawyer due diligence phase the sponsor decided that he had priced the apartments incorrectly and pulled the deals!! If you engage in a transaction with this sponsor you will be dealing with an unethical, inexperienced and sleazy operator. BEWARE! For proof, just called Lisa Verdi the selling agent.Take it for what it's worth, because we'd love to ask Lisa Verdi, but we can't. Her agent profile page (cached here) is no longer up on the Sotheby's website. The plot thickens!
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