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Curbed PriceChopper: Harlem Side of the Park Less Hot?

The PriceChopper never lies, folks. Former Development Du Jour 111 Central Park North burst onto the scene with its alternately advanced/infuriating website and its horrid, "Then one of the partners told me about 111 CPN..." marketing campaign. Sure, a $12 million penthouse sale provided some buzz for a while, but c'mon, an Australian bought it. We're not sure how the partners feel about Harlem nowadays, because StreetEasy shows a nearly across-the-board PriceChop that hit on Friday, the day when people always try to bury bad news. The 32 previously recorded sales in the building measured in at nearly $1,600/sf, and the new going rate is about $1,300/sf, on average.
· 111 Central Park North [StreetEasy]
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UPDATE: Not so fast on the firesale. Halstead Executive Director of Development Marketing Stephen Kliegerman sets the record straight in the comments: "The figures you are referring to reflect a data entry error that was corrected to reflect the correct pricing per the numerous price INCREASE amendments the sponsor has filed." He also says that 32 of the 47 units for sale have fully executed contracts. Sigh, we knew this part of town was too hot to get a deal.

111 Central Park North

111 Central Park North, New York, NY 10026