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Holy Moly! St. Ann's New Best Bud is a Big Boy

We all remember what happened the last time mere mortals tried to build a tower to reach the Heavens, so you'll have to excuse them if the NYU students who will live in this megadorm suddenly start speaking in tongues. Photoblogger Will Femia dropped by the former St. Ann's site on 12th Street and Fourth Avenue, and my oh my has the 26-story building grown since the last time we checked in. If you don't recall, NYU and developer Hudson Companies made a controversial purchase of air rights from a nearby post office to build this high, and the plan is to preserve St. Ann's old facade and build behind it. Based on how it looks so far, we have no clue how this will not look a wee bit awkward and out-of-place in the end. We'll be saying our Hail Marys.

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