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On the Market: All of 11 Spring Street, $39.8m in Sum

Above, check out the floorplan for a charming two-bedroom apartment, with 2,085 square feet of interior space. The apartment, as it turns out, is in the charming neighborhood of Nolita, which must mean the asking price is quite the charmer too. Were this an edition of PriceSpotter, we'd wager we'd see guesses in the $4-5 million range. So hold on to your seats as the asking price for the third-floor floor-through flat at 11 Spring Street is revealed to be $6.7 million, or a truly charming $3,213 per square foot.

After we spotlighted the $17.95 million penthouse at 11 Spring Street last week, a tipster notes that not just the flat above but also the "townhouse" on the first and second floors has hit the market, the townhouse with an asking tag of $15.15 million. Which brings the total asking for the three units in the building to $39.8 million—which is, terrifyingly, not totally outrageous given selling prices of other large downtown townhouses as of late, but still a hell of a lot more than the ~$12 million the developers paid for 11 Spring last year. And again it occurs to us that we're probably in the wrong business.
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11 Spring Street

11 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012