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Curban Planning #001 Update: More Hudson Yards Bitching!

When the request for developer proposals for Hudson Yards hit the streets last Friday, it was clear objections from right-minded architects and urban plannerswould be legion. What one might not have expected: even the mega-developers are bitching about the requirements, per Steve Cuozzo's column in the Post today. Seems the RFP doesn't allot enough square footage for the giant trading floors that Cuozzo seems to want to cover every undeveloped sizable swath of land below 96th Street—but, er, also, "Financial companies don't want to be on top of train tracks, which could make them more vulnerable to a terrorist attack." (One obvious solution: shut down the rail lines!)

All of which is a convoluted way of saying that the entries have started to roll in for Curbed's own chance for you to reconceptualize Hudson Yards, our first Curban Planning challenge. If you missed the contest announcement last week, check out the rules and get cracking. Deadline for submissions is next Friday, July 27. Glory, cash prizes totaling $1,000, and a deep sense of belonging can all be yours.
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