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Crazy Claim: Whole Foods CEO Lurking on Curbed?

This Gawker post reminded us about an email that came in over the weekend from a Curbed tipster: "Hi! You've probably heard about the [Whole Foods CEO] John Mackey sock-puppet scandal. It made me wonder if comment #6 on this old Curbed post was Mackey. I remember thinking at the time that the person was
a) really knowledgable about the biz, and b) surprisingly bitter about Fairway. Since I've never heard anything since (there is apparently no "anti-Fairway" movement, I wonder if it isn't the work of a lone CEO." Probably not, though the commenter does use Whole Foods as a positive example. Still: we're praying this is true.
· Comment #6 on Fairway to Red Hook Post [Curbed]