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Fear Not, Edge Marketing Push is on the Way

A tipster points out that The Edge--you know, the big development on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg--is now appearing on The Developers Group website with a notation that sales start in the fall and a pitch for "an amenities package unrivaled in Brooklyn or in New York City as a whole." That's a screencap of The Edge's website above. While the site is still without renderings of the development, if you do click over, we advise you to swallow some motion sickness pills or to, at least, move a significant distance from your screen. On the other hand, if you think you're up for it, put your nose up to the screen and see what happens. Whatever you do, though, do not view The Edge's website after a long night of drinking. You've been warned.
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[Photo courtesy of marikosuave/flickr]
The photographer who dropped this image into our Curbed Photo Pool notes, "because living in williamsburg means indie bands + stone countertops. who got paid to come up with this crap?" At least the signage is stationary.