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On the Market: Subway Construction Sales on E93rd

Following up on this morning's report about Second Avenue Subway construction crossing the street in the East 90's, our tipster notes, "If people are looking for some cheap places to buy, it seems that half of the owners at 300 East 93rd are selling. There were some four-bedroom apartments there listed for $2 million or so, with the only downside being that the building will open more or less directly into the heart of the construction site for the next decade or so."

A Curbed search didn't find half the building, which is known as The Waterford, up for sale. (After all, this place does boast 230 units.) We did, however, locate four apartments on the market, ranging from, indeed, a spacious 4BR for just under $2 million to a 444-square foot studio for $459,000. Give the listings a look-see; think there's enough of a construction discount built in to these prices?
· Listing: 300 East 93rd Street, 8 rooms, 4BR [Elliman]
· Listing: 300 East 93rd Street, 7 rooms, 4BR [Corcoran]
· Listing: 300 East 93rd Street, 3 room, 1BR [Elliman]
· Listing: 300 East 93rd Street, 2 room studio [Corcoran]