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Second Avenue Subway Scene: Chaos Crosses the Road

[Looking north from Second Avenue and 91st Street, circa 6pm last night]

Change is afoot in the Second Avenue Subway DMZ in the East 90s. Curbed's special UES correspondent checks in with photos and this news: "Yesterday, there was a big change on Second Avenue. Previously, the eastern lane and half of the eastern sidewalk had been fenced off, and it looked like they had started digging on that side of the avenue. It turns out that what they were really doing was removing half the sidewalk, extending the asphalt to the east, and putting in a new curb. As of this morning, all of the lanes of traffic were shifted to the east from 96th to 91st Streets, driving through the section that had been closed to traffic since late April."

Continues our correspondent, "Now that traffic has been shifted, the lanes on the west side of the avenue are closed to traffic, presumably so that they can begin the real digging. Given that it took them almost 3 months just to replace some concrete sidewalk with asphalt, I shudder to think how many months will go by until they get around to actually moving any of the utilities that need to be moved in order to get the tunnel boring machine in there."

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: good times!

Adds our correspondent, "Here you can see the newly installed curb, along with the jersey barrier to shift the traffic to match the lanes on the untouched section of Second Avenue."

The blocked off section of the west side of Second Avenue.

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