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South Williamsburg Getting a Little More Religion

The orthodox Jews of Williamsburg are certainly no strangers to big real estate undertakings, but even this photo passed on to us by a Curbed tipster gave us pause. Woo boy, that's some rendering. And so mysterious! Tippy McGee writes:

The building is in south williambsurg, on Clymer St, between Division and Berry. From the rendering it looks more like a community center than residential space, but then again I don't know hebrew. Anyway, ive never seen a rendering like this. If someone at curbed knows what's going on here id love to hear bout it.That location doesn't make total sense?Berry ends at Division and Clymer is south of that?but luckily we do speak Hebrew, kinda. The top says something about the creator of the universe and blah blah blah (look, we said kinda), and the bottom says "Here is going to be built, with God's help, a school to teach the Torah and a love of Israel." South Williamsburg. So Will. SoWill. Soul. It's all starting to make sense to us.
· If You Prick Us, Do We Not FreshDirect? [Curbed]