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80 Met Teased, Debuts Right-Aligned Logo

The razing of Williamsburg's Old Dutch Mustard factory was so traumatic (or photogenic) that when the wrecking ball arrived we provided almost daily updates of the destructoporn. But that was then. Now, like a mighty phoenix rising from the ashes of charming, quaint neighborhoods comes Steiner Equities' 80 Metropolitan. We've already run through the renderings and plans?six stories, 124 units in Phase 1?so the news here is that a teaser website has gone live. Our initial reaction? We're a little disappointed that they went with a militaristic stencil job instead of a play on a Heinz label or something. Also, we're thrilled that Halstead is marketing the property. We totally love what they've done with North 8, and 80 Met is already off to a great start. Halstead's new developments page doesn't have much other than the tagline, but it's a doozy: "More stuff. More Williamsburg." Um, OK!
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80 Metropolitan Avenue

80 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Visit Website