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Not Everyone is Feeling the North8 Billyburg Vibe

The Toll Brothers North8 Condos hasn't gotten much attention, being in the shadow of its much bigger Northside Piers sibling on Kent Avenue. We've noted it here and there. In any case, blogger Brooklyn 11211 weighs in with an appreciation of the structure it calls an "ugly, squat, black-brick building" comparing it something that belonged on the old Marx-Engels Platz in East Berlin. A sample:

Yes, this dark, brooding presence on the Williamsburg waterfront is there for the long haul, so get used to the asymmetrical fenestration, and the nouveau-factory aesthetic (try this: see if your friends can pick out the luxury condominium from the surrounding factories).Us, we're wondering how the windows are going to stay clean with all the construction on Kent Avenue.
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