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Ask Curbed: Murray Hill's Got Me Trapped

We don't know what it's like to live in Murray Hill. Frankly, we don't want to. We got the gist of it right here. If we ever did live in Murray Hill, we think we'd be pretty excited for the day when we could finally get out. This person certainly is, but Murray Hill has a way of fighting back:

I currently own a co-op in Murray Hill (yecch, I know), but am buying a co-op on east 10th (yay!). Here's the problem. After a billion years of my building having a hand-cranked elevator operator, they have suddenly decided to modernize. The building currently has two elevators; one for freight, one for passengers. They do NOT allow ANY freight on the passenger elevator. Starting in August, they will take one elevator out of commission (for approximately 7 weeks). Then the other one will be out of commission (again for 7 weeks). During this time, nobody can move in or out or have deliveries of large items.

What am I to do?!? I need to: A. move out B. sell my furniture and have people take it away (which obviously won't happen all in one day, and will likely occur in drips and drabs) and C. let the new owner move in. Delaying by 14 weeks will cost me a ridiculous amount of money. Additionally, even if they do miraculously allow me to move out using the stairs, that will cost a ton of money too, as I live on the fifth floor, which really means six by the time you get down to the basement, where the "back door" is. And of course this doesn't take care of people trying to buy my furniture and remove it.

Can they keep me trapped like this? What are my recourses?

Our advice, as always, is to listen to "Chocolate Rain" and mope a lot. Your advice will most likely be better. Have a go in the comments.
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