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Kushner Companies Race to Unload Uptown 500; Have a Look!

The Uptown 500 is more than just the name of Episode #16 of the bizarre 1970s Sid & Marty Krofft creation The Bugaloos. Yep, it's also the sweet nickname given to Observer owner Jaren Kushner's Upper Manhattan real estate portfolio, which the Post's Lois Weiss reported is for sale. The 500 is actually 495 residential units and two commercial units, spread across 24 walk-up buildings in Harlem, Inwood, Washington Heights and Hamilton Heights. Massey Knakal is handling the sale of the whole shebang, which is expected to fetch north of $70 million. That should be the end of the story, but lucky for us, a special Curbed tipster passed along a PDF copy of the marketing materials (which you can download right here). It doesn't get as detailed as the rent rolls of the buildings, but if you're the type of dork who gets off by knowing that the average rent at 521-523 West 156th Street is $698/unit, then grab it and have fun. Contribute any/all numbers-crunching revelations in the comments, please.
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