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More McSamming Down at 50 Trinity Place

[The existing 3-story building at 50 Trinity Place and the McSam 40-story plan]

As a follow-up to yesterday's report on hotel inserter Sam Chang and his insertion plan near Union Square we have news of yet another McSam hotel project. This one is in the works downtown in an area fleetingly tagged Trinity Park but better described as "below the World Trade Center site" where an old but elegant beauty awaits her fate. Will she be subject to insertion? The prospects don't appear to be too good.

[A segment of the Viele Map showing the site of 50 Trinity and Trinity Church]

They call her 50 Trinity Place. She's covered in terracotta tiles and sits at the corner of Rector and Trinity, katty korner across from Trinity Church (shown above in a segment from the great Viele Map from 1865). 50 Trinity was first brought to our attention last winter. She looks like she's got a lot of life left in her. But apparently some folks think otherwise. The Landmarks Preservation Commission has declared the building to be beyond their purview, stating that "while the building may be of interest, it would have to be reassessed after the alterations have been completed". Hmmm. So, saving this one is beyond their control. But a bit of that Kaufman / Chang adaptive re-use, albeit with a touch more style here than what's shown at the Union Square project, could be just what the doctor ordered.

[A recent response from LPC regarding the status of 50 Trinity Place]

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