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Rendering/Reality: Verizon Building's Nasty Green Glow

Rendering/Reality is a new Curbed feature that considers the often unsubtle differences between what a building looks like in its renderings, and what it looks like when they actually build the thing. Tips, as always, to

When we heard word over a year ago that the former Verizon Building at 1095 Avenue of the Americas would be getting a facade facelift courtesy of its new owners, it sounded like a good thing. As the Post's Steve Cuozzo explained at the time, "The redesign by Moed de Armas & Shannon Architects will strip off the dated-looking terra cotta and replace it with a curtain wall of energy-efficient, green-tinted glass—giving the appearance of a brand-new building."

Comes a tipster today to spoil that dream with a photograph and this note: "The reality of what this new curtain wall will look like is FRIGHTENINGLY UGLY. I have attached a picture that I took last week. Note the green section in the middle where the new glass is up.... doesn't quite look like the rendering." Er, indeed. Is there any hope that this might just be an interim phase? Please?

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