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River Ridge: LES Quasi-Luxury Spreads Further East

We've been watching the growth of the building project at 78 Ridge Street, on the corner of Delancey, for some time, in part because the building shares a rather intimate relationship with the Williamsburg Bridge—it's just to its north as the bridge descends to Delancey, making for snazzy views of the units under construction when you're on your way into the Manhattan from Brooklyn. We hadn't seen any official information about the place, though, until a tipster sent along this link. Fun facts about what's apparently being dubbed The River Ridge Condominiums: six stories; 1-2BRS with "extra large windows"; common roof area; availability by this September (?!). No pricing info as yet, but there is some enjoyable broker babble, including this pitch: "Many professionals have moved into this colorful, hot and trendy area." Good to know! Just don't let them see the bridge and this place'll sell out in a matter of hours.
· River Ridge Condos [Longines Realty]

78 Ridge Street

78 Ridge Street, New York, NY 10002