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Dumbo Grocery Store Touches Off Gentrification War

Take a simple announcement about work beginning on a pedestrian plaza and what do you end up with? If you're talking about Dumbo, there's usually only one result: Dumbo old schoolers vs. Dumbo new schoolers, shouting about the preservation of the character of the neighborhood. So, in this DumboNYC post innocently titled "Pearl Street Triangle Plaza Begins Work," things quickly turned for the worse when a commentor remarked, "Isn’t there something that can be done about the groups/thugs that hang around Peas and pickles all the time?" This simple question might not have ignited a fire if not for the follow-up comment:

There’s that annoying woman who stands outside Peas and Pickles begging and saying ‘have a lovely day’. Then there’s the guy who was there last night aggressively selling small rubber toys. Dumbo has a more visible and intrusive homeless problem than any other NY neighborhood. Can we ask the police to move them?Whoops.
The “intrusive” homeless problem is far from that. I have been in Dumbo for a long time and never felt a threat, or felt pressured by any of the less-fortunate pan handlers that occasionally ask me for spare change. I suppose when one is desperately concentrating on saving up for the next bugaboo upgrade things are much different, but it would be a breath of fresh air if some on this site could find a way to see past the tips of their two-hundred-dollar shoes.?Publius

these bums are anything but benign. Some of them are actually very aggressive. In addition, the owners of Peas and Pickles are losing business on account of this nuisance. The neighborhood can retain its character without being overrun by these hoodlums.?KB

ridiculous. dumbo doesn’t look or feel like it did even 3 years ago. and the artists? forcibly running for cover from the folks who want a new UES in brooklyn. frankly. i liked it better when there were hookers on john street and the only people in nice cars had gotten lost on the way to the river cafe. all you new monieds need a history lesson and a reality check.?local

HOW DARE U PEOPLE!!!!!!!! first of all there are not thugs in dumbo especially since u hipster yuppys came over an over ran the place so if there are any thugs over there understand they are more establishd then you?. plus what is a homeless persons problem when you guys are goin into peas an pickles an ordering about 20$ worth of lunch per person?PLASMA

And on, and on. Fun for the whole family!
· Pearl Street Triangle Plaza Begins Work [DumboNYC]