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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Gisele Bathed Here

1) We can't understand why someone would rent a penthouse triplex for $29,000 per month instead of just buying a place to live, but here's two possible explanations: Gisele Bundchen has most likely been naked while seated in both of those things pictured above. [Gimme Shelter/Braden Keil]

2) Here's one we missed: Rupert Murdoch has put his Long Island home overlooking Oyster Bay Harbor on the north shore up for sale for $14.8 million, after buying it in 2003 for just $7.78 million. He, like, redecorated it or something, so obviously the price is justified. [The Real Estate Bloggers]

3) Look out, undisclosed Brooklyn neighborhood that's probably Williamsburg: Kelly Osbourne is moving in with her boyfriend of two months. [Page 6]

4) Just in case you missed it, Moby is selling his Upper West Side penthouse in the El Dorado. You can take the boy out of the LES, but you can't, uh, something something something. [Gawker]

5) OMG, Craig was shooting a movie on the High Line! Yeesh, last week was completely dead. [BlogChelsea]