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Eater Tastings: DBGB Gets Its Drink On, the LES Gets 75 New Flatscreens, and the Hoyt St. Gets a Wine Bar

Inside Johnny Utah's. Ride the bull, kids. Photo by Kalina.

More of this week's dish from Eater...

1) Daniel Boulud is gonna get his DBGB liquor license, but the logo will be a matter for the lawyers.
2) Get your Lower East Side plywood here. Spitzer's still has some work to do, but do not fear, Popeye's and 75 flatscreens are on the way.
3) Opening this week on the corner of Hoyt and Union, Black Mountain Wine Bar will fight the Brooklyn Inn for non-Smith St. nabe supremacy.
4) Welcome to the Eater 38 Little Owl.

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