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40 Bond Update: Schrager's Homage to Haring

Just because the Gaudi-esque graffiti gates have been installed below all that gleaming green glass of 40 Bond don't think there isn't more to come. Developer Ian Schrager has yet another trick up his sleeve. And this one seems to reach back and touch his old Palladium pal, Pop-meister Keith Haring. Which probably won't hurt things on Bond Street, value-wise.

[Keith in the now-closed Pop Shop on Lafayette Street, circa 1985]

Architects Herzog and de Meuron have come up with a series of metal panels, all covered with what look like Haring-esque gewgaws. The incised panels are going up on the street-level townhouse walls just inside the gates. So while everything up above Bond Street is regimented and square, down at the sidewalk it's all curvaceous and wild. Back in the day Keith used to roam these streets and he left his mark on many of them. Here's a reminder of what came before. A little history lesson for those girls from Reno.

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