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Open House Report: $4m View in Far West Village

Reader reports from the open house scene always tickle our fancy, so here's one that popped up in the Curbed inbox today: "This past Sunday I went to an open house at 166 Bank Street for a one bedroom for basically $4 million. The space was quite spectacular, but the part that surprised me was that on a beautiful Sunday afternoon when most people who have this much money are in the Hamptons, etc., this open house was BUSY! Is the high-end this crazy in the city right now?"

Shoppers in this bracket should feel free to answer away in the comments, but the listing itself—which the listing describes as a 2BR but we'll agree with our tipster is more like a 1BR, although that 1BR looks ridiculously nice—is clearly a gem. There's an open house this Thursday evening for those who'd like to see for themselves.
· Listing: 166 Bank Street [Elliman]