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On the Market: LES Stripper Pole Apartment

"I'm going to call it 'Bada-Bing' and maybe say [in the ads], 'You can score with this one. I'll be tasteful and fun with it and not worry about every prude out there." So sayeth Loho Realty's Jacob Goldman to New York's S. Jhoanna Robledo this week, discussing the Co-Op Village apartment that's on the market with the special amenity of a stripper pole in the living room (above left, courtesy NYMag). Now that the listing for the apartment—asking $685,000 for 1,000 square feet on this 2BR—is on the web, let's see if Goldman was true to his promise to go bold.

Reads the broker babble in the listing:

Bada Bing!

What makes this large 2 bedroom, balconied apartment different is what is in the large living room: a dancing pole (and not the kind that comes from Warsaw). Yeah, sure the price and maintenance is low, and the building is well kept with great amenities like fitness center and 24-hour attended lobby. But who needs a fitness center when you got a pole! Whether it’s for a romantic evening or to pretend you're Batman (or both), everyone loves the allure and seduction of the pole. No home is complete without one (ok, maybe that's not true, but it is certainly more complete with one). Be the trendsetter!Nicely done! The only thing we'd take issue with Goldman over is the fact that the listing photos for the place don't feature the pole. However, they do feature a charming photo for the building's nearby playground. Clever. Albeit just the tiniest bit creepy.

As for the floorplan—well, the pole's adjacency to the dining area is really a nice touch.
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