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Curbed PriceChopper: Bucolic Backyard on the LES

This apartment, at our old friend, Lower East Side new development 154 Attorney Street, has lingered on the market for more than half a year now. But perhaps with summer breezes a'blowing, someone will step up and pony up the $1.569 million asking for this duplex, which got 'chopped down from $1.599 million a few months back, per NateFind. Per the slightly out-of-date brokerbabble, "The garden will be planted in the spring, and the work of four local artists is exhibited in the apartment and is available for purchase." All of which might help make up for the fact that this stretch of Attorney Street is still, how to put this delicately, um, up-and-coming? Open house Wednesday, if you're intrigued.
· Listing: 1544 Attorney Street Duplex [Elliman]
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