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Random Landmarking Bitterness, Federalist Crap Edition

As we type these words, the Landmarks Preservation Committee is huddling in downtown Manhattan to decide whether the latest crop of nominees are worthy of eternal preservation. Seems like as good a time as any for some preservation bitchiness, courtesy of the ever-aggrieved blogger at Queens Crap. Regarding the above buildings, he notes, "This is 511-513 Grand Street [at East Broadway] in Manhattan. Despite having been heavily altered, LPC believes they are important examples of federal style architecture and must be designated. And there's the ugly former Eberhard Faber Pencil Factory in Brooklyn. This is a proposed historic district. Got plenty of these types of buildings in LIC and no one is calling for them to be saved. Yes, let's save this crap while we allow St. Saviour's, the Klein Farm, the Trylon Theater, Old Astoria and Richmond Hill to be jackhammered into oblivion. Time to overturn the landmarks law."
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