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Dumbo Crime Wave Update: Catch & Release?

You will recall, of course, the Dumbo office crime wave. After we ran the item about break-ins at Two Trees' 45 Main Street, the Brooklyn Paper picked up the story and reported that, indeed, there have been nine incidents in the building with no arrests. Now, a reader writes in with this similar tale: "A client of mine was burglarized in DUMBO in early July. Their offices are on Jay Street. The burglars tore through the sheetrock wall and stole all of my client's computers and cameras." Quite similar! So our tipster asked the client for an update, and here's the response:

last week they caught this guy who was identified to be the one who had robbed 12 offices and 14 cars over the past few months. funny thing is he had robbed these spots in broad daylight. the last thing i heard from the police was that there wasnt enough evidence against him to keep him so they had to let him go.We'd love to hear more about this, if anyone out there has more info. It's not that we're particularly interested in the welfare of Dumbo commercial tenants, it's just that we want to know if we can really rob 12 offices and 14 cars, get caught, and then get released. Blogs ain't paying the bills, baby.
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