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Curbed PriceSpotter: E. 6th St. Shiny

PriceSpotter is our weeklyish game in which we provide photographs, a floorplan, and other assorted details of a for-sale apartment and you crunch the numbers to come up with a listing price. The big reveal tomorrow. Until then, best guesses in the comments. Please, don't cheat. Your momma would be so embarrassed.

What/Where: 1BR co-op, 6th btwn A/B
Square Feet: N/A but see floorplan
Maintenance: $705
The Skinny: Ah, a four-room apartment where the 8 x 8 extra room isn't labeled a place to sleep (guests excepted). How unusual. Still, this isn't exactly a giant apartment for one. To say 500 sf would be generous. Some nice touches, including the brick and the two fireplaces. Private storage and a shared garden in a pre-War walk-up.

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