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CurbedWire: Scarano Doesn't Sweat the Small Stuff, Nouvel Doesn't Sweat, and Miss Middagh Rules Brooklyn Heights

DIGITAL FRONTIER—The tipster who sent us the image at right notes, "I just thought you'd find it funny that after looking on Scarano's webpage under 'projects', I noticed he doesn't know how to spell affordable housing. Pretty ironic!" We don't mean to pile on here, but we also quite enjoyed the "Convertion" page. [CurbedWire Inbox]

ARCHITECTURE—Jean Nouvel, he of the Vision Machine, spills it in a designboom interview. To wit,

what is the best moment of the day?

I am a night bird so I prefer the evening and the night.Later, Nouvel disses "the future." Good read all around. [designboom] BROOKLYN HEIGHTS—Ever wondered why there were all those fruit-themed streets in Brooklyn Heights? Us neither. But somebody definitely has, which is why we're kind of thankful for these two easy-to-digest paragraphs about the history of Cranberry, Pineapple, and Orange Streets. [EdEx/Curbed Flickr Pool]