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Curbed PriceSpotter: E. 6th St. Shiny

Yesterday, we gave you the details on this East Village 1-bedroom. Today, we reveal the asking price and listing. Thanks for playing.

Listing: 504 E. 6th St. [Halstead]
Asking: $650k
Since we listed this sucker yesterday, a contract has been signed. Not a huge surprise, given the general good vibes coming out of the comments. But it's not all roses. Says one commenter who saw the place, "While a great location and a nice little is right next door to a ConED substation. Even a great view of the station from one of the rooms." Oh, and there's this insider bit: "Frequent backyard parties on that block. Could be a plus or a minus. Plus to me." In any case, props to TK who came in at $649k.
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