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Investigating Downtown's Crane-to-Deli Ratio

Ah, downtown Manhattan! Glorious FiDi! The much-hyped best new place to live in our fair city! Or, uhm, not. Per Curbed Photo Pool contributor BrianVan comes the above aerial snapshot, and this update: "1) DeutcheBank, currently being demolished top-down, soon to become JP Morgan's new headquarters; 2) One Albany street, soon to be a hotel; 3) 111 Washington, soon to be a 50-story tower. Around the corner: McSam @ Trinity/Rector, 99 Washington, the old Corbet & Conley lot that also got approval for something big recently, the neverending conversion of 88 Greenwich, the soon to be demolished 50 West Street, all the new construction in Battery Park City (including the Goldman HQ)... and of course, one block away, Ground Zero. (Did I mention they keep raising our rent through all of this? There are 6 cranes for every deli in my neighborhood. Grrrr.)"

Occurs to us that the crane-to-deli ratio might be a breakthrough in urban thinking worth pursuing. Folks in other neighborhoods, care to weigh in on your C:D?
· Downtown Construction Tri-Pack [brianvan/Curbed Photo Pool]