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On the Racked: Smith Street Will Assimilate Us All

And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

[Smith Street action outside new skateboard store Homage. Photo via Flickr/Karyn Bosnak]

1) Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens: The takeover of Smith Street retail by Big Scary Brands is all the buzz today, so Racked headed on over to check out the new Lucky Jeans store. Photo quiz: which, of these three separate establishments, is Lucky Jeans, and which are two similar stores across the street? Hmmm, perhaps there is something to this homogenization concern? One antidote: these photos from the street's new skateboard shop, Homage. Halfpipe, baby!

2) Chelsea: Delivery service MaxDelivery, the Kozmo/UrbanFetch of our newly gilded age, is now delivering to the neighborhood. The company promises that additional Manhattan expansion is on tap.

3) Flatiron: Okay, seriously, WTF is going on in the windows of Juicy Couture?