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Bushwick's 'Nightmare on Grove Street'?

The 358 Grove building in Bushwick is having a difficult time winning friends, at least in terms of the reviews it's getting. First, serious fun was poked at the sales effort at the beginning a long article in the Village Voice about gentrification in Bushwick a few weeks ago. Now, increasingly active Bushwick BK blog weighs in with its own impression. We go to the copy & paste:

before me stood a huge glob of crappy stucco about 12 stories high, with a lobby set down below the street, surrounded by huge patches of gleaming white concrete parking lots devoid of any possibility of greenery...Entering feels like being admitted to the hospital — quite a sterile experience. The lobby was not finished then, and they were halfway through staining the plywood panels that orange-brown color that corporate types for some reason think people associate with modern design. We tried to figure out how to access the sales office, but the elevator didn’t work, there were no signs, and nobody was around — despite the open house having been advertised.There's more, but we won't spoil it for you.
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