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Older, Wiser Beaver Ready to Teach

The William Beaver House has had one of the more scrutinized marketing campaigns of any condo building, so we've been especially curious to see what Shaun Osher's CORE Group Marketing and Richard Pandiscio's Pandiscio Co. would do with our horny little friend now that they've been handed the reins. We knew that the first move was getting rid of the focus on bikini basketball, but the latest surprises even us: William Beaver is going edutainment. Three days a week for the rest of the summer, historian Joyce Gold is leading guests of the Beav on walking tours of the Financial District, explaining the significance of neighbors like Federal Hall and the NYSE. The tours end with a trip up into the Beaver himself. A Curbed tipster was there for the first tour, and here's his report:

There were 15 other brokers and they had actually done a nice job in the sales office changing some things (including pricing) and we got a breakfast. Then a tour guide took us around the Financial District and finally up in the building to the 26 floor. The views were really impressive. It's funny how Corcoran couldn't seem to sell the building and now Core claim to have sold 50 units since they took over.That's certainly a bold sales claim, but when it comes to Willy B., anything is possible.
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William Beaver House

15 William Street, New York, NY 10005