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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ask Curbed: Should I Become a Real Estate Broker? (67 comments)
"I will start off by saying you should not be a broker. You will not be a good one, as you do not have enough of a grasp of the big picture and of the details, which are key to success."
2) Open House Report: $4m in Far West Village (47 comments)
"Here's yet another apartment with an open kitchen. In this case, it's probably well suited to the size and layout, but what's with this style in every single new development - even big apartments?"
3) Queens Residential Market Drops, Except for Pricey Stuff (43 comments)
"LIC does have a small town feel...if by small time feel you mean no grocery stores, no entertainment, and no conveniences of a real city."
4) BREAKING: Retaining Wall Collapse at 808 Columbus (35 comments)
"Honestly, I think Columbus from around 92nd through 100th is an aberration in the UWS neighborhood. Rows of tall apartment towers completely out of scale with the side streets, with little or no ground-floor commercial space. I walk down Columbus and I don't feel like I'm in New York City UWS. This new development actually brings back the feeling of the Broadway commercial strip."