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Ask Curbed: I'm Out of the Broker Game, Or Am I?

Yesterday's brilliant Ask Curbed came from someone who is considering being a broker. Today's comes from someone who was a broker, and they still want some perks. Who wants a little morning ethics quiz?! Here you go:

I used to work as real estate salesperson for small downtown brokerage. haven't worked there for several months now, but am still licensed by the NYS State Department as a salesperson. during my time at the re company, i mostly did rentals. question: if am looking to move into the city from astoria, if i found a listing on craigslist, posted by another broker, that was only shown by him, and i decided to take the place, instead of giving him all 15% of the broker fee, could i technically co-broke the rental (as a licensed salesperson representing myself and my roommates) with the listing broker? if i still gave my old boss 25% of the broker fee, isn't this still ethical? in the end, under the circumstances listed above, my roommates and i would only pay 75% of the 15% broker fee (my 25% cut i would waiver and not accept as a favor to my roommates). has anyone heard of/done this before?
This is a sticky situation. What better type to toss to the Curbed masses? Let's get your input in the comments, and we'd love it if some rental brokers had a say.
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