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CurbedWire: Barge Pool Opens Tomorrow, Corky Loses Grip on One Hanson, Tourists Stump for Bard

Before we get out of here to celebrate our independence, how about a few items off the Wire? Back Thursday morning. If you need to reach us before then, we'll be doing the butterfly in the Barge Pool.

FORT GREENE—Our friends at Streeteasy email with news of a change of control at the former Williamsburgh Savings Bank (right). They write, "An alert came across out site that 16 Corcoran listings became no longer available at One Hanson Place. A quick call to their sales center revealed that it is closed until Monday, July 9th. Their website reveals that Stribling is the new sales and marketing agent." Closed until the 9th! We are shocked. [CurbedWire/Streeteasy]

CHELSEA—Natalia Mathis from Cincinnati, for one, is not going to take Stanley Bard's removal from Hotel Chelsea management sitting down. She's going to stand up and wear a button. Mathis, reports uber-Hotel-Chelsea blogger Living with Legends, "is a first responder in the war against the corporate greed that threatens to destroy the Chelsea. When she read on our blog about Stanley’s shameful ouster, she made up a bunch of buttons to show her support for the Bard family, and wore one when she was checking into the hotel." [Living with Legends]

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